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- Mahatma Gandhi

Winning Moment of CBSE Exhibition 2019


We are proud to announce that our school students A.R.Harshavardhan of X-G and S.Aditya of X-I won the National level science Exhibition conducted by C.B.S.E. at Mayoor school , Noida on 8th and 9th Feb 2019 based on the theme – scientific solutions for challenges in life focusing to reduce destruction caused by lightning. 470 teams participated all over India. Our team has been shortlisted as one among the 21 teams and the participants were felicitated in the grand valedictory ceremony.

Students from our school exhibited the comparison of surface areas different shapes eg. Cone, Hemisphere, Sphere, Frustum, combination of Hemisphere, Frustum and Cylinder. By comparing the above said shapes students structured the Mathematical Model – Zeus evader made of copper which has the maximum surface area for accumulation of charges.

They proved that the probability of lightning capture is maximum for the proposed model. It is more economical and effective than the current existing lightning arresters which will reduce the destruction caused by lightning.