All of us do not have equal talent , but all of us have an equal opportunity to develop our talents.

- A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Riyasdeen Samsudeen's FEMTO satellite - 27-12-2020

A FEMTO satellite weighs less than 100 gm and is a low-cost device. The satellite designed by Riyasdeen Samsudeen has been picked by NASA to be used in a space mission set to take place in 2021.

Riyasdeen Samsudeen who passed out from Our School(2018-19 batch)  has designed FEMTO variety satellite named Vision Sat V1 and V2, each with a payload of 33mg and measuring just 33mm.

Riyasdeen Samsudeen

“We celebrate his achievements and proud of his accomplishments”


                                   The heights by great men reached and kept,

                                                were not attained by sudden flight

                                    But they, while their companions slept,

                                                were toiling upward in the night


Riyasdeen Samsudeen successful completion of the 2020 cubes in space program.


            A vision describes what you want to achieve in future and it played an anchor point to Riyasdeen Samsudeen which ultimately helped him to achieve this great achievement.

            “Cubes in space program”

            With effective guidance, clear vision and optimistic steps he succeeded in his mission.

            This remarkable invention has fetched a glory and his confidence lifted him to pursue his ambition till the successful end.

            His exemplary behaviour and composed skill helped him to go ahead in this impressive experiment with all technical support.

            His commendable task is highly applaudable and he has proved his sterling qualities of hard work.

            For him, “Sky is not the limit when there are  footprints on the moon”.

            He stepped on the steps of hardwork, persistence, latenights, rejections, sacrifices, discipline, criticism, doubts, failures, risks  and at last, a noteworthy and incredible, creditable accomplishment.

          2020 cubes in space is a great triumph of contribution and pride to the  scientific  wonders.

         Our sincere thanks to his parents who stand by his side and help to proceed his  goal. Hats off to them.

         One more plume on the crown to Our School.

        We are very proud and we would like to share this remarkable and wonderful contribution from our meritorious student.