All of us do not have equal talent. But , all of us have an equal opportunity to develop our talents.

- A.P.J Abdul Kalam




The two day programme ABHAYA BHARATHI was conducted in D.A.V SCHOOL on 20.09.2017 and 21.09.2017 under the aegis of Bharat Vikas Parishad. Bharat Vikas Parishad aims at empowerment of women. The programme was designed by Smt. Sujana Prabha, an accredited academician, after the Delhi Nirbhaya incident, to imbibe life skills in girls and also to equip them with basic combat techniques to deal with life threatening situations. The main objective of the programme was to train teachers to impart such life skills to their students. The programme was attended by teachers from various levels along with the girls of X std.

On day 1, the programme began by Smt. Sujana Prabha explaining the four important aspects of development of an individual viz. the physical development, the mental development, the emotional development and the spiritual development.

Emotional development helps in improving the emotional quotient of an individual. The EQ is as much  important as the IQ. While the IQ deals with the mental development, improving the EQ is equally important in an individual’s life to be successful. To improve the EQ, adequate life skills training must be imparted.

The most important way to improve EQ is to instill positive thoughts in one’s mind. Mrs. Sujana Prabha continued the session by discussing the problems faced by every woman at various stages in her life and home to deal with such problems. It was an interactive session with questions asked by students and teachers.

Post lunch the session was a demonstration of karate moves by Sri. Barath Kumar, a commando trainer. Both teachers and students enthusiastically participated.

Day 2 session started with Smt. Sujana Prabha reiterating the need for instilling positive thinking and insisted that every individual needs to have a "safe friend". This "safe friend" usually an elder with whom girls at young age can share their emotional problems. In the event of any person not having a "safe friend", contact numbers of NGO acting as safe friend was given.

The resource person also stressed on the importance of 4 H’s in an individual’s life viz. head, heart, health and hands.

Post lunch the session continued with questions asked by the teachers and students. After this Sri. Barath Kumar gave detailed demo of various situations how woman might be attacked and the karate moves to handle them. Students and teachers participated with great vigor.

The programme concluded with a valedictory function held in the presence of important dignitaries of Bharat Vikas Parishad. Sri. Gurumoorthy, Smt. Sujana Prabha, Smt. Sujatha Rao, Smt. Kanchana Raman, Sri. Chella Subramanian, Sri. Vyasa Prasad and Sri. Ganesh Kumar. They were falicitated by the principals of D.A.V and S.D.A.V Hr.Sec.School and the Educational Director.